Customized speeches


Imagine a speech that Captivates your audience, Magnetizes their ears and leaves them begging for more

Now you can get an Expert whispering in your ear the exact wordsTo ensure the success of your Speech


Developing a discourse that takes the audience by the collar of their shirts and force them to focus on the speaker is not something that is learned in a week. It requires study, professional dedication and numerous discard cycles by trial and error.

It is possible to master the different techniques of oratory to thrill, move, argue, mobilize, convince or impress only with experience that professional dedication offers. And the adornment of discursive structures with the exact resources for the occasion with no margin for mistakes requires to have worked (for a long time) with clients from very different fields seeking for quite disparate discourses.

My name is Ismael Linares, and I’m not a “guru” selling trinkets online. I have founded a public speaking school in Uruguay (you know, the small and picturesque South American country) and I teach public speaking to real people in our auditorium, people who come to class, practice and ask. I prepare speeches for real clients. I develop my activities and practices in real life not through a computer screen.

This daily work experience allows me to prepare eloquent and appropriate speechesquickly and with minimal cost to the clientand with all the guarantees of satisfaction (more warranty information below).

What kind of speeches can be prepared on request?
  • Wedding speeches
  • Commemorative speeches
  • Anniversary speeches
  • Political speeches
  • Debates
  • Conferences
  • Presentation of projects
  • Funeral speeches
  • Allegations
  • Eulogy speeches
  • Humorous speeches (stand up comedy)
  • and many others…
Mode and Prices

Option 1: Drafting

I will send you a short questionnaire by mail. In this way I have the most immediate information to start planning your speech. You answer me in the same document I have sent. We can also arrange everything by Skype or e-mail, as the client prefers.

The work includes discourse structure, adornatio (yes, the ornaments and techniques to sound good) and writing. If you do not like something we will change it until you like it.

The cost is $ 150 per page. It is estimated that a page, considering pauses, repetitions and additional comments represent six or seven minutes of speech. Most typical speeches are solved with two pages.

Option B: Telephone consultations, several ideas, structures and decoration.

In this case I send the questionnaire and ask you to give me an outline of the speech that you plan to pronounce. The cost of the half-hour consultation by phone or Skype is $ 50.

Option C: Writing and classroom practice.

This is the most expensive option, and will be quoted depending on the task.

What is the warranty?

In case I send you the first model and you are not satisfied with it, I will reimburse the payment. No questions, no delays and no problems.