Our Purpose

How and why we can reach

High Standards of Professionalism

in the development and teaching of oratory?


  • Because we are professionally dedicated to public speaking “in career mode” full time.
  • Because we provide courses permanently every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year.
  • Because we make permanent research of the best speakers in the world -in several languages- to teach the techniques they use.
  • Because we work steadily preparing speeches for private and institutional, domestic and foreign clients. This allows us to detect -on timewhat kind of verbal techniques are gaining effectiveness and which are becoming obsolete.
  • Because our courses are not digital; they are face to face. This allows us to meet countless people of flesh and bone -each with their strengths, problems and questions- who require the most of our knowledge.
  • Because our professional dedication allows us to make researches and develop new and improved techniques for speaking in public or in private.
  • Because hardly anyone -in South America works in oratory teaching in a permanent and professional way. Here we have been doing it for several years.
  • Because we not only soak us with the best available theory – we also DEVELOP theory.
  • Because we profess the highest ethical standards the only acceptable. This means that we only teach a verbal technique after having tested and retested it. This means that we will not bore you with motivational lectures or spiritual help. It also means that we will provide you with specific techniques that you can apply instantly after the class to talk eloquently without nerves, in public or in private, at home, at work, in a packed stadium.
  • Because we no longer seek to reach the upper limits of professionalism in Public Speaking teaching. Now our aim is to push further and establish the new patterns that will be the model for the entire industry.


We work hardly to give you Public Speaking Courses that equal -or exceed- the dictates in the most advanced countries.