Public Speaking Course in Xi'An

Public Speaking course in Xi’An, China

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Course date: 6, 7, 8 and 9 February, 2017

The Public Speaking Course which is achieving that hundreds of people learn to speak in public without fear and in a truly attractive way



Intensive course in Xi’An:
Start: monday, 6 February 2017.
Finish: thursday, 9 February 2017.
Hour: 19 to 20:30 PM.
Price: 1000 yuans.
Address: Xi’An, China.

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If the course is not to your liking you just have to say so and we will refund the payment, without question, without delay and without problems.



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Public Speaking Course | Program

The first part | Basic Public Speaking:

  • The basic methods of oratory to stand out from the rest immediately.
  • The methods of improvisation to know what to say, always.
  • The preparation of the speech for not paralyzing, ever.
  • The embellishment of speech and conversation.
  • The psychology of panic and how to control nerves and anxiety so that they play in our favour.
  • How to have an interesting conversation – even with strangers. WARNING: your friends will always place you “on the table where no one knows no one” to start a conversation – immediately.
  • The methods to catch the attention. The same as taking the public by the “flap of their shirts” and force them to listen to you – but through the word and without exercising any violence.
  • How to prepare a speech to avoid oversights, to organize ideas and to speak fluently and comfortably. Without tousle one hair – without sweating a drop – without trembling like a gelatin.
  • The hostile public management. And the next time they will think twice before bothering you – without generating an awkward situation.
  • How to make unexpected events play in your favour – from a cell phone that keeps ringing up to a power outage. (Sometimes your answer will be so perfect that the public will suspect that the unexpected was “planned”).
  • Methods for “not going badly” in an interview and for answering with elegance.
  • How to prevent the public from yawning. You will learn how to give an injection of vitamins to your speech – no matter if the topic is more boring than “dancing with the sister.” By the way: there are no boring subjects, there are only people who never learned Public Speaking πŸ™‚
  • The easy training to become –day after day- a better speaker.
  • The voice games so that others comment: “I am fascinated hearing her/him but I do not realize why!”
  • The correct use of humour (not to be the clown of the party).
  • The characterization. The use of the body to enhance communication and to be interesting even if the audio is broken and the audience cannot hear you.
  • Space management.
  • The management of nerves and stage fright (no spiritual help or motivational screaming. Only specific methods, professional and that have proven that they leave the nerves along the way).


The second half | Intermediate and Advanced Public Speaking:

  • Inculcation techniques to “crush” the ideas and shape them in the public’s mind, just as a sculptor shapes his work.
  • Techniques of persuasion. It is literal and requires no further explanation πŸ™‚
  • Talking directly to the emotions of people. With these techniques you are going to speak to the hearts of others, jumping * literally * the barrier of reason.
  • Mobilization techniques. The same as giving the spurs to a horse to run away in the direction you want, but with the public.
  • Techniques of argument and debate, the arguments of your opponent are sprayed as a sandcastle is swept away by the waves (laugh out loud now, but also think of an argument which you consider to be irrefutable and bring it to the course written on a paper. 10 minutes after the beginning of the class you will stop laughing).
  • Methods to thrill, excite and move, explained in detail and implemented – with everyday examples of all kinds.
  • Oratory gym to become a “heavyweight” of the spoken word.


The techniques are internalized by examples of public and private oratory.

Public Speaking Course | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course live in a classroom? Yes. The course is live, theoretical and practical. The only things that you will receive online are complementary videos, case studies and materials so that you can continue learning after the course ends.

Are you going to force me to talk? No. We make guided practices so that you assimilate what you have learned, but it is not required to stand up and speak. Many students who do not practice in class, later apply the techniques in their daily lives without problems. Anyway, the groups are relaxed and enjoyable: it will not be difficult to stand up and talk πŸ™‚

What kind of students attend a public speaking course? The groups are very diverse. People come from all ages (from high school students to retired people) and from all professions.


If you come with a friend both have a 15% discount.

Students also obtain

Students also obtain:

  • Digital certificate.
  • Digital study papers.
  • During the course you can ask the teacher for all the ideas, recommendations and assistance needed to develop your presentations / talks / speeches / debates. You can take written valuable customized ideas to use in your private affairs. The course instructor is Ismael Linares, founder of the PALABRART Public Speaking School, who is professionally engaged in teaching public speaking and in preparing speeches for others.


If you have any questions please contact us


And you will learn to speak in public.