Some documented students reviews.


It is an excellent course

“It is an excellent course. Very convenient to communicate in daily life and even in unexpected times when suddenly we need to talk and we have nothing prepared. The teacher is excellent. I recommend it, it was very useful for me.”

Andrés Canobra, Taekwondo teacher and member of the Uruguayan team.

“I regretted for not taking the course before”

I’m sorry Ismael. Thanks for the best course of history. It has given me the confidence to speak in public that I never thought I would have. I’m sorry for not taking it before. I’m recommending it to all my friends. I do not want them to lose something so good. It has helped me to speak but also to write.

Nivert Mendez

“A short and funny course to sharpen neurons and lose the fear to the public! Highly recommended.”

Natalia Barrios


Nice to have participated. Ismael’s patience is incredible, and it was also nice to meet all those people great experience.

José da Silva.


“What you learn can be applied in everyday life, in formal and informal situations, even to go grocery shopping, in a chat with friends, in the office or in a work meeting.”

Ismael, how are you?

I hope you are well.

First of all, let me tell you that good things not always come alone, but they must be sought, and the public speaking course in 2014 was one of those things you always look for.

What you learn can be applied in everyday life, in formal and informal situations, even to go grocery shopping, in a chat with friends, in the office, or in a work meeting.

Before the course I felt terrified when I had to speak. I felt nervous and anxious. Today there is only confidence.

I have no words to thank the group and the teacher who filled us with confidence.

Gustavo Furtado Andrzejuk.


The public speaking course helped me a lot

A real pleasure to have been part of the group. It personally helped me so much!

Bastian Morel Event Designer


I thought the teacher would not convince me, but I was wrong. The man knows a lot of public speaking teaching.

Gerardo Martirena.

Now I feel much safer to express.”

“Hello Ismael.

I’ll give you my formal review of your course 🙂

I was surprised by the content. I expected something less organized, but you have structured your course in a very organized and sequential way; I enjoyed the moduleargument and debate”, I did not expect that it could be included.

Last week I taught a workshop for a group of clients and I did not start introducing myself as I have always done. To my surprise several people noticed that and liked it, which made me very happy.

Now I feel much safer to express myself. I was always insecure when speaking, especially in small meetings, but now I have gained confidence. I am applying what you told us and I do it much better 🙂

I would have desired that the time for each class was longer so that we could practice more or we could see our classmates practicing. You have no idea how much I learned from watching them talking. If the cost were more expensive I would gladly pay it. To tell you the truth, I could not incorporate all the concepts because they were many and I felt that time went by really fast (that’s good!). However, I understand it is the responsibility of each student to review the materials and follow your instructions of the first day about making the world a laboratory of practice.

In short, I congratulate you, teacher. Your course is excellent and you have on me a confirmed student in the future.

I send you a hug, Ismael. Thank you for offering that kind of cute and useful courses.

Eliana Escobar Luján
Online Positive Thinking Leader


“I never thought I would improve so much in such a few time

When I started this course I did not think it could help much, or that I would improve so much in such a few time (only 2 months). Still, I worked and practiced and with the support of the teacher and also of all my classmates (who I will miss), I felt more confident to talk to others in public in just few weeks. I felt I enjoyed standing in front of my classmates both in the course and in my high school. Nerves did not affect me; something that never in my life I thought I could do.

I recommend this course to everyone, regardless of your age and occupation because it provides you with many techniques to then experiment them with your colleagues, family or public speaking. You will improve with time and it is important to understand that the course is not magic; one simply improves with individual work, good will and readiness and we must also keep in mind that once you finish the course, you have to continue practicing and applying what you have learned.

Today, I try to compare myself to the “I” of 2 months ago, and I’m surprised. I changed a lot. I have confidence when talking to others. I’m much happier than I was. And the best part is that I have much to go, to live and to experience, because the course just ended, but the fun is just beginning

Sebastián Viera


“A highly recommended course

“A highly recommended course. It provides invaluable, interesting and engaging knowledge, which can be a very important weapon, similar to the power of a superhero, who goes with you wherever you go. Thank you Ismael for transmitting it.”

Natalia Santos.

I loved the course

I loved the course. Classes are highly educational and funny, time flies. The course gave me the tools and techniques, to improve is now my responsibility!

Selva Cedres.

I was surprised by the richness of the public speaking course

I took the course and it helped me so much! I was surprised by its richness!!! Thank you very much!!!

Santiago Urquhart (watch a speech of Santiago clicking here, it is in spanish, from our school in Uruguay).

It helped me get through the nerves to talk

Very good. It helped a lot to cope with public speaking nerves. Interesting techniques and entertaining development of classes.”

Lucía Brit.


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