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The course instructor is Ismael Linares, founder of the Uruguayan Public Speaking School PALABRART, who is professionally engaged in teaching public speaking and preparing speeches for others.

He is the responsible for the public speaking courses that are making dozens of people learn to speak in public without stage fright and in a really attractive way.

He prepares speeches ranging from family affairs (weddings, baptisms, etc.) to the political arena, for different customers in several countries.

Most customers, after hiring him for the first time, have decided to usually delegate the preparation and decoration of their speeches and debates.


Ismael has publicly appeared in numerous media.

He writes speeches and presentations of all kinds, public or private, tailored to the customer.

Since 2011 he teaches in his own Public Speaking and Debate School. He provides courses in public speaking (Basic and Advanced), Argumentative Discourse and Debate courses, developed with a combination of the most effective elements of modern doctrine and classical design, toghether with resources obtained by his own experience and exchanges with customers and students.

From he helps people to use verbal communication to get the best from themselves and others.

Afetr teaching them to speak to audiences of any profile and in all situations, communicating enthusiasm, emotions and arguing persuasively, they manage to develop a credible and spontaneous leadership.

He does personalized consultancy to prepare interviews and public debates, and has provided public speaking courses in companies and institutions.

public speaking linares


public speaking class

In 2016 he published his own Public Speaking book through Planeta publishing house.

His native language is Spanish. But if you forgive any mistakes in grammar, you’ll fully understand his classes in English 🙂